To embody God's renewed future in Saint Paul

Our vision is the "end goal" the "preferred future" which we believe God is pointing us toward. We hope to point to, be, and proclaim the renewed hope that is found in the Last City described in Revelation 21.


Love. Listen. Respond. (Repeat)

Mission is about living the characteristic actions that will set us on a path toward the end-goal of God's preferred future.  In order to live the hope of the Last City we must love God and love others, listen to God and listen to the needs of our neighbors, respond to God and to our hurting world, and we must devote ourselves to mission for the long haul.

Core Values

Community + Reconciliation

We value whole communities that invite and reconcile all people.  The Bible calls this a “new humanity” and we think the difficult work of loving our neighbor as our self is worth fighting for.  

Anchoring + Innovation

One of the most incredible qualities of humans is our ability to create.  Creative ability is the reflection of the image of God in us.  We will continue to be creative in our worship and witness to the good news of the resurrection of Jesus. We also value the voices of the faithful who’ve gone before us.  We want to live in the tension of being anchored in our faith and being innovative in our worship.

Mercy + Justice

For those of us who are people of the book there is no wiggle room when it comes to our call to engage the poor, the hurt, the “last and least” in the world. God cares about the people and so do we.  Last City exists as a response to a lamenting world, we are here to interrupt suffering people, suffering systems, and suffering nations with the good news of God’s renewed future.

 Inquiry + Bible

The Bible is our primary resource for living.  It is simply the most incredible library of books ever composed.  But we welcome skeptics and thinkers from every corner of the Earth.  We believe that God can handle our questions and we’re not insecure about people asking them.  We are happy to live in the tension of tough questions and a God who welcomes us to seek him with all of our mind.

 Generational + Discipleship

We are a church of all ages seeking to go deeper in our faith together.  We believe in having a real place at the table for young and old.  We believe that young generations will change the world for the better and we believe that our job is to give the church away so that they can faithfully mold and shape it however God calls them.

 All Things + Jesus

The end goal is always to point all people and all things to Jesus. We believe that in Jesus we have access to a down payment of God’s good future for our world, for our communities, for our lives.

We want you to know that regardless of who you are you are welcome in our congregation.

Last City is committed to welcoming all people, regardless of race, gender, economic status, orientation, or identity into a full life in the community of God. Read more about our commitment to inclusion and welcome here



Noah Hormann | lead pastor

Noah believes that through practicing and proclaiming God's good work in God's good world, the Church has unique resources and opportunities to engage our culture and help people flourish. He and his wife, Ali, have been married since May, 2008. They have three incredible little boys: Soren, Jude and Aksel. You can find Noah playing with his sons, spending time outdoors, drinking coffee, training and coaching Jiu Jitsu, and building guitars.


Paul Nyhuis | care pastor

Paul is a bi-vocationally licensed lay minister who has a heart for those who are in prison. He teaches a group at the Dakota County Jail where he becomes a mentor and friend to many.