Easter Launch

Easter Sunday April 1st we will officially launch Last City Church.

It’s not likely that our service will be flashy or particularly hip.  It probably won’t have a million people and it won’t have a lot of hype or buzz around it. I’d put money down that #lastcity won’t be trending. 

What it will be is the culmination of years of dreaming and preparation.  What it will be is a gathering of imperfect but faithful people who long to see the incredible love of God lived into our world. What it will be is a foretaste of the final vision of the Bible where God lives with us and humanity is reconciled and all things are made new.

In Saint Paul as it is in heaven; even if only a little bit. 

We’d love for you to join us as we launch.  Truth be told we need you.  We need to generate some momentum behind this movement.  We need people who want to join God’s vision for our church.  We need people who have questions they want to wrestle with and broken stuff they want to work on restoring.  We need people who are different than us to love so that we have to work at it, grind it out, and love you because God said so and not because it's easy.  We need people to put their hands to the plow as we till ground for the new creation.

We need you because the world needs places like Last City: places for relationship and reconciliation, places for questions and doubts, places to belong and become, places that serve the community and not ourselves, places to raise our kids, places to laugh.

I’m not much of a salesman, but I’m shamelessly inviting everyone I know. Because the truth is I’ve never believed that I’m closer to God’s vision for the world than I am right now, sitting at the cusp of launching this church.  

So whoever you are, wherever your reading this, just know that this invitation is for you. Come just as you are. We can’t wait to see you.

Come join us on Easter Sunday, April 1.

9:30AM at the Steppingstone Theatre

55 North Victoria, Saint Paul MN