Prophet, Priest & Queen: Prophet

"Since creation women have been prophetically telling a new story: in even our bodies. A story of military grade strength that is only possessed by God, a story of actual creation; something that God is only capable of.  That is who we are: we are half of the image of God. Without this half, without women, we are giving the world a fraudulent incomplete view of who God is and How God loves."

Storied City: The Good Samaritan

When people asked Jesus about "The Kingdom of God" or what it meant to live a life that God was calling them to he often answered them with stories. One of the most famous of these stories is the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. Jesus story leaves us with both a present yet future hope in the Kingdom but also an partitive to live a certain way.  Jesus offers us both eschatology and ethics in a clarifying and simple story that has real implications for our living today. 

Storied City: Rahab

The cloak and dagger spy story that surrounds Jericho and it's famous inhabitant, Rahab, has often been played out as half thriller and half repentance testimony with one big caveat: Rahab was a prostitute.  What has preceded and defined her throughout history has not been her faithful service to the God of Heaven and Earth in the saving of Joshua's two bumbling spies, but her profession.  Her story deserves a new lens. 

Storied City: Jeremiah 29

We look forward to the renewal of all things with all of our hope and ambition.  At some point we have to be willing to deal with the fact that we aren’t there yet: the world is broken and so are we. How do we hold hope in something that seems so distant? We can’t just wrap ourselves in a fuzzy blanket text like Jeremiah 29.  This week we hope for the future, we get real about life right now, and we won’t shy away from the tension in the middle.

Storied City: Acts 10

A story with a plot is fine, but without details its impossible to connect to. The details help us understand why the story matters.  Acts 10 is part of the detailed story of God’s radical action to renew all things and this week we examine why that renewal matters right here, right now.

Vision Sunday

God is calling us somewhere new.  This is the story of how God has been working in and through our leadership to discern the future of our congregation.  Next Sunday the mission partners will vote on three items 1) to extend a call to Amanda Whiting as a part time pastor of connections and spiritual formation 2) to adopt a new vision, mission, and core values. 3) to move to change the name of our church to "Last City Covenant Church."  Here all about the heart and the call in this weeks sermon. 

Unseen // 3: #MeToo #ChurchToo

In order to combat sex trafficking we must first and perhaps foremost deal with the persistent cultural brokenness that allows women and sex to be objects that might be bought and sold. The #MeToo movement is an important opportunity to tell the truth about how we have missed the mark.  The Church should, must, be leading the way.