Why the Church?

On January 10, 2010 The Gallery launched its first public Sunday morning worship service. Five years later Pastor Brad asks a very important question: "Why in the world are we doing this?!" 


This past weekend pastor Brad presented us with a celebratory message. The Gallery is five years old! Whether you are new or seasoned, do you find yourself to have the spirit of thanks and celebration for what we have as a church? Share the ways that you've seen God move in our church.


We must remember how important the 'church' actually is. Sunday's sermon told us of all the ways we could be better off without church. But, the fact of the matter is that all creation cries out for us to be doing life together. As we move forward, take some time to be prayerful about the ways you are committing your life to the body of people that make up The Gallery. What passions or desires is God placing on your heart that can only be fulfilled by doing life with one another? (ex: ministry opportunities, meal groups, serving, lending more of your time to help others, etc).


Consider our mission statement: Love - Listen - Respond - Repeat. Take a moment, on paper our out loud as a group, to describe the ways that you are living out these values with God and with others.