Abba's Adoption

This week Pastor Brad and Ministry Director, Amanda Whiting team up to bring us a sermon on the adoption of our sonship into God's family: A powerful and poignant reminder that God chose us and is always full of love for us. 


Our sermon from two weeks ago, the war within, makes this week’s sermon on the adoption into God’s family an interesting contrast. Re-read Romans 7:14-25. Stop there. If you check with your group members, this probably doesn’t make anyone feel very warm and fuzzy. Now continue reading into Romans 8:1-11. Discuss how this changes our outlook on our internal war with sin.


Think of your family of origin and pick three or four words that would describe your family. What areas of your family (and yourself) reflect your adoption into God’s family. What areas of your family life (and your life) need redefinition?


Have everyone take a piece of paper and quickly draw a simple family tree going back a generation or two. Now, have everyone write: Abba’s Family at the top of the tree. Read Romans 8:14-17. As a group discuss the words that would describe being adopted into God’s family.