This new message from pastor Brad details to us the ability to live in the freedom of righteousness in the house of Christ. Dead to sin, alive in Christ we can live unbound to the rules of the law. 


Do you truly believe that you don’t have to sin? What difference does/would it make? (Romans 6:6, Roman’s 6:11, 6:14).


Our freedom from the grip of sin is made possible through Christ’ death and resurrection and yet we still act as slaves to sin everyday. Often times our actions follow our attitudes, and if we’re honest, our attitude toward our sin is defeat, the attempt to overcome in our own strength, or to lessen or ignore its presence. Consider when sin shows up in your life. In what area is sin fighting particularly hard at the moment? In what ways can you invite God to bring you freedom? Don’t leave God out of it!


Reread verse 13. In what ways can you use your whole body or self as an instrument to glorify God? Remember that you are also a part of God’s spiritual body the church. In what ways can you invest in this body to bring glory God? Take some time this week to further explore your spiritual gifts and ways you might naturally invest in the body through taking this short assessment --> CLICK HERE