Second Adam

In a great art of comparison and contrast, pastor Brad takes us further through Romans in a comparison between the house of Adam and the house of Christ (the second Adam). Under which roof would you choose to live?


Read back through the text and identify the places you notice Paul highlighting similarities between Adam and Jesus. Then go back through and notice where Paul is contrasting Adam and Jesus. What is he trying to highlight through this?


Consider these questions from Timothy Keller’s book Romans for you - How can we make such a confident claim in light of the enormous power of death and sin now in the world (Romans 5:12)? How can one persons sacrifice bring about such incredible benefits to so many or; how can that one act really change my future and present condition (5:17)? What does this great contrast (death coming through Adam and life through Jesus) stir within your heart? As you look at your own life and history, in what ways can you see that Adam was a good and fair representative for you? Keller asserts that Adam’s sin is our sin too. He says, “Adam was perfectly designed to act as you would”.


As we read this scripture we also notice that twice Paul says, “How much more” to show Christ's work can overwhelm all the effects of Adam’s work. Take some time to consider 1 or 2 of your “Adam like” behaviors. While holding these ways we are similar to Adam, listen to the following song and meditate on the ways Christ has redeemed the Adam in us.