The War Within

Take a listen to an empowering, encouraging and inspired message on our own inner struggle with sin. Pastor Brad speaks on Romans 7; a special message from Paul on the nature of our sin and how we can wrestle and be free of it. 


Re-read Romans 7, the scripture from this past Sunday’s sermon. Pay attention to the cycle that is happening as Paul continues to portray the tension between sin in death, and life in Christ. Why does Paul continue to remind us that we fall short and are stuck in sin, and that our only hope is found in Jesus? What happens if we forget one or the other truth?


Can you feel what Paul is feeling in this passage? Does his angst and entrapment to sin find echo in your heart? Why is it liberating to be able to be honest about your wretchedness and certain about your forgiveness?


Lectio read Romans 5:1-5 Message Translation