The Meaning of Salvation

What does it mean to be "saved?"


Each of us who are in a relationship with Christ have been ‘witness’, or have seen, the goodness of Jesus. When we share stories of his goodness or hear these stories, we are bringing the good news. Who are the people in your life, along your journey in relationship with God, that have ‘shared the good news’ with you? Was it well received? How did this impact you?


Listen to the following song together:

We know from story after story in scripture that God’s love is extravagant! I don’t know about you, but even just thinking about the amazingness of God’s love makes it feel impossible to keep to myself. It is from this place that telling of the goodness of Jesus becomes authentic. God’s love should be our motivation, rather than obligation. This love is for anyone; jew and gentile alike!


Looking back on your own experiences, how does this shape your view of bearing witness to others about the goodness of Jesus? Often when we think of witnessing we imagine a formal, sit-down discussion of biblical proportions. However, sharing your heartfelt stories of God’s work in your life can feel more organic and authentic. Take time this week to remember God’s love and movement in your life. Relisten to the song! Ask the Holy Spirit to bring you boldness, and to put on your heart people who need to hear or experience His love. Challenge yourself to do this over the week, and share any experiences you had when your group meets next.