A Gospel Centered Life

In what direction does the needle on your compass point? For the Apostle Paul it points at the Gospel.

Verse of the week: Romans 10:14-15


“Go share the Gospel of Christ!’ That’s a loaded statement. Oftentimes we come across phrases like this at church and in Christian circles, without ever taking the time to unpack what it really means or looks like. This is one of those phrases. Have your group participate in the following activity: Tape a piece of paper to a wall. Elect someone to be the ‘writer’ for the group - they will be writing down words that the group says. Write the word ‘gospel’ in the center of the paper. Ask your group to think of the word ‘gospel’ and shout out the first words or phrases that come to mind. Write them down. What do you notice?


Literally translated, the word gospel means ‘good news.’ If we think to what pastor Brad preached about what it truly means to share the gospel, we know that it is simply this: Jesus. The gospel is Jesus and all that He did, said, and stood for. Jesus is our good news. What are your favorite parts of Jesus’ character - what gospel stories come to mind? Share these. Here is one of our favorites: Luke 8:43-48.


Consider the stories that you’ve shared. What characteristics did they highlight of Christ: humility, grace, favor, unending love, bravery, etc. Create a new list on the wall with your group. Again, write Gospel in the center, knowing that sharing this gospel means sharing the goodness of Christ. Write down the characteristics that you just discussed (and more if you have them!).

Now: Turn on some music, turn down the lights, and have everyone get comfortable. Ask everyone to spend some time looking at the list - meditating on the list and asking the Holy Spirit to impress upon you which of these you need to cling to and bring with you throughout your week.