Who Chooses Whom? (Part 1)

As we continue our journey through the book of Romans, chapters 9-11 force the reader to wrestle with some key questions about who is "chosen" and why.


This week we're doing the 'heart' first. Our topic this past Sunday was a deep thinking, heavy sort: predestination. While this may be a dividing line, we want to claim that regardless of our beliefs we can find unity as a body. Pray together for closeness, connectedness, peace, and grace for the ways that we have been made differently and think differently. Pray for our pastor, Brad, and his ability to communicate this topic well in the weeks to come. Let this be the heart that carries you through all conversation.


As a group, quietly re-read chapters 9 & 10 of Romans. Jot down or make note of any verses that seem to relate to the question of predestination. Read them aloud. Which seem to resonate with you the most? Which cause the most discord? What parts of the Calvinist or Armenian beliefs seem to challenge who you know God to be?


Together as a group come up with one or two questions that you'd like Pastor Brad to answer this coming Sunday as he re-addresses this topic. Use scripture and your discussion to come up with ideas.