Who Chooses Whom? (Part 2)

What does the choosing of Israel and the choosing of Christ have to do with God choosing us? In our second week on the controversial topics of divine election and predestination, Pastor Brad unpacks a third view (the one to which he ascribes)--Corporate Election. 


Take some time in your group to read Romans 10:1-13. How does this tie into the below description of corporate election and predestination, which Brad shared in church on Sunday? What questions are you left with? How were you challenges? Read the below paragraph as a reminder: The relationship of corporate election and predestination could be compared to a ship (i.e., the church, the body of Christ) on its way to its future and final destination (i.e., conformity to the image of Christ). The ship is chosen by God to be his very own vessel. Christ is the chosen Captain and Pilot of this chosen ship. God desires that everyone would come aboard this ship and has graciously made provisions for them to do so through its Captain. Only those who place their trust in the Captain of the ship are welcomed to come on board. As long as they remain on the ship, through a living faith in the ship's Captain, they are among the elect. If they choose to abandon the ship and its Captain through unbelief, they cease to be among the elect. Election is experienced only in union with the Captain and his ship. Predestination tells us about the ship's future direction and final destination that God has prepared for those remaining on it. God, out of his immense love, invites everyone to come aboard the ship through faith in the ship's Captain, Jesus Christ.


Pick one person from your group to slowly read through Romans 10:10-13 a total of three times. The group members should make themselves comfortable and relaxed. The first time you read through the text just listen. During the second reading pay attention to the words or phrases that stand out to you. After reading the passage a third time allow some space to ponder what this passage is speaking to you. Why did the particular words or phrases stand out to you? What does this tell you about God? Yourself? Salvation? After sitting with these questions take some time to share with the rest of your group members.


After the discussion simply take some time to pray for one another. After listening to these sermons and reviewing the scripture passages today what do you feel like God is inviting you into? Where did you notice nudges to more fully live into Romans 10:1-13?