Bringing the Gospel to Kids

Bringing the Gospel to Kids


This past Sunday, we heard from Ministry Director Amanda Whiting about the role we play in bringing the ‘good news’ of Christ to the children in our lives. Have each group member take pen and paper, and take a few moments to create a list of the children in their life. 


(Read what we commit to as a community to the children of The Gallery- from covenant handbook)


Before we introduce the second part of the ‘hands’ piece, we want to remind you of the most important thing that you can commit to doing for this list of children in your life: pray. Where can you incorporate these kids into your prayer life. Never underestimate the impact and power of your prayers. 

Part two

On the list of names you created, jot down some simple ways that you can model your faith and the gospel to each child (gestures, phrases, specific interactions, etc).