Good News on a Long Journey

Romans 10:9-15


What are the difficulties in watching someone walk alongside you in life, knowing they don’t have a relationship with Christ? Discuss. It is no small burden to love someone over the ‘long journey’, but there is great spiritual reward that can only come from endurance and long suffering. Remember our call to love others: Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-19. Try reading The Message version, too. 


Turn down the lights, get comfortable, and put on some relaxing music.  Give each group member a pen and a few sheets of paper. Take some time to think through your own life reflecting on periods of time when you needed others to “stick with you”.  Can you remember what that felt like?  Why was that important to you?  Now, take some time to think of those things that make it hard for you to journey with this person (people).  Reflect on how God might use this relationship to strengthen your intimacy with him. Allow space and time for this activity, and afterwards, share with the group if comfortable.    


We want to remind you of the most important thing that you can commit to doing for the people in your life: pray. Where can you incorporate them into your prayer life. Never underestimate the impact and power of your prayers. Pray as a group for these individuals. Then, commit to finding a spot in your daily schedule to pray for this person (or people). Imagine yourself going to God and asking Him how He would want you to pray for that person.