Here am I, Send Me

Matthew 28:19-20, Romans 10:9-15


Pastor Brad’s message this past Sunday dealt with what it means to be ‘sent’ to bring God’s word, and also how to do so in different capacities. We will be exploring more of these in the weeks to come. With that, we must recognize that throughout scripture we are told that each of us is gifted differently. Then, as a body of Christ, we come together to use our gifts to impact others in different ways. Read 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Today each group member is going to complete a spiritual gifts assessment to better understand the ways God has gifted you. By knowing our strengths and passions we can find more natural avenues to share the gospel. Please use the following link and print one for each group member. Complete sections One and Two (pages 1-8 and 13). Have fun!


See ‘head.’


“The challenge now is to find a meaningful pace of service that allows you to flourish in your giftings, passion, and style. This may be best accomplished by dialoguing with your meal group members to discover what area of service is a good match for you.” - Antioch Ministries International. Consider what opportunities are out there for you at The Gallery!

  1. Remember that your giftings will be refined over time to be more effective at serving God and others. However, you must use them though before the refining can begin. So, the most important thing is to “do something” while you’re looking for the perfect fit. 
  2. Look for someone with similar giftings/passion/style as you in order to learn from their maturity. They could be a mentor to you, whether directly or indirectly. 
  3. Look for other resources to learn more about your giftings. For example, if your gifting is prophecy, you  may want to attend prophetic workshops to read books about prophecy. First of all, however, get to know the Bible.
  4. Consider what opportunities are out there for you at The Gallery! 

- Antioch Ministries International.

If you want more tools and questions, read the whole document available at the link above. Leaders, please make this resources known to your group members.