The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ


Take some time to read Romans 12:4-10 in the message translation. What images or words stand out to you? We all depend upon the body and each other for life and our ability to function well.  Take some time to imagine the body what part do you imagine yourself as?  Why do you associate yourself with this part of the body?      


Heart check: Ponder then answer the following two questions:

1) Do you consider yourself a vital part of Christ’s body?

2) Do you see those around you as vital parts of the same body you occupy?

How does lack of participation (on your part or theirs) impact the functionality of the body as a whole?


Take some time to think back on the spiritual gifts assessment from March 8th (For a quick reference of gifts and their descriptions use this link). Share your top three gifts with the group.  Which of these gifts to you find yourself living into most naturally?  Which of these were most surprising to you?  How might you live more fully into these gifts at church, home, work and so on?   Email to get involved in what The Gallery is doing as a body!