Sunday Morning we have space and classes for children ranging from birth through 3rd grade. On a typical Sunday adults are nearly outnumbered by these crazy, fun, restless, joyful members of our community.  

The kids at The Gallery are a gift to us and we love ministering to them each weekend. We engage them with their own time of worship, learning and of course craft and play time, guiding them to learn that the face of God looks like love, in each of us. Discipling these kiddos starts before they even reach their classroom - we aim to make them feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door. They truly are a wonderful expression of our community!

To learn more about our children's programs or volunteering click here.

Disciple groups

We are launching a new season of learning and growing together here at The Gallery.  This fall we will be forming new small groups and continuing to do life together.  Let us help connect you with a family of believers who will support, challenge, and encourage you. 

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Prayer + Care

Prayer Requests

We believe we've been called to be:

  • A house of prayer

  • A place for the hurting

  • A home for healing

Prayer is foundational to The Gallery. We believe that community prayer connects people to people and God to all of us.

We love openness. We respect privacy. Prayer requests can be handled in 3 different ways;

  • OpenOur entire church, including the Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Staff, can lift up your prayers.
  • Prayer Ministry A volunteer group of prayer warriors that are committed to serving our community.
  • Pastoral Staff Only Some things you may not be willing to put out in the open, we understand.

Pastoral CARE

The Gallery has a number of qualified pastors who are called to care for people in times of need. We love the opportunity to pray with you and seek the spirit in times of crisis and as part of the regular rhythm of your life. If you are in need a pastoral perspective in your life please reach out, we'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk about how Jesus is working in your world. 


The Gallery is a sending church.  We believe the resurrection is worth telling about.  We also believe we are called to show God's sacrificial love to our neighbors and to the ends of the earth. We support 2 missionary families that are showing us how to live toward that goal.



Katie and Stephen Kleinjung: Serving Chaing Mai Thailand, the Kleinjung's are living God's love among Thai college students.

Erick and Bethany Abramson: Serving Sosdala Sweden, the Abramsons are partnering with the local church and the government to walk alongside Sweden's sizable refugee population.


Fundamental to the Gallery's mission is putting on the servants towel and washing the feet of others. Here are several ways you can live out the mission both inside and outside our doors.

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Ways to Serve
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