WomEn's Retreat Registration

The annual women's retreat will be April 21 - April 23, one of our favorite ways to start our spring. It will be a great weekend with the women of The Gallery.

The retreat will be in Pine City, MN (1 hour north). It begins Friday the 21st at 4:00pm. Arrive when you can that evening (please no sooner than 4:00pm). The retreat ends on Sunday the 23rd around noon. 

Bring clothes, toiletries, bible, journal, knitting or alone time activities, blanket and pillow if you'd like, and any snacks or special beverages you'd like. Main meals as well as milk/tea/coffee will be provided.  

Once registered, you can expect an email with more detailed information mid-March which will include the retreat address, meal schedule, etc. 

The cost is $99.00.

Contact Amanda if you want to help or have any pre-registration questions

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