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Thanks to the gracious support of Steppingstone Theatre, Saint Paul's premier theatre for young audiences, Last City meets in a great facility  in Saint Paul. 

Steppingstone Theatre
55 Victoria Street North
Saint Paul, MN, 55014

Steppingstone Theatre

PReview Service // March 18

9:30AM in the auditorium at Steppingstone Theatre

Launch Service // April 1

9:30AM in the auditorium at Steppingstone Theatre


Steppingstone Theatre is located just off Summit Avenue on Victoria Street between Lexington Ave and Dale Street in St. Paul, MN.  

From I94 + Snelling Ave
From Minneapolis


Residential street parking is available on Victoria St., Holly Ave., Ashland Ave., Avon St., and Portland Ave.

During the winter, be aware of St. Paul snow emergency parking changes. 

City of St Paul snow emergency info.